ALL WELCOME to this  Grace Church Website to REMEMBER its many contributions to the Bangor community.

WELCOME TO the GRACE CHURCH and “SAVING GRACE” MINISTRIES Memory Pages. We believe Grace did make a great contribution to Bangor Maine during their 164 years of service. Please help us remember this Grand Old Church that stood at the corner of Clinton and Union St. for so many years.I remember being at one of Billy Graham’s crusades many years ago on the campus of Boston University. Billy Graham was a wonderful person who brought many to Christ.

whatisgraceGrace Church once fed hundreds of  hungry and needy people in Bangor 

Out of the awareness of grace comes freedom, authority, power, love, worship, and life in abundance (John 10:10)

Grace is more than second chances, surprises, and unmerited gifts. Grace comes in our inability and failure, and provides radical changes and a paradigm shift. Grace gives new opportunities and a fresh revelation of God and life. Grace will transform you.

God is love. He cares for you and is faithful to His covenant promises, and so He forgives you. God is holy and righteous, and paid the price that forgiveness requires in Jesus Christ. When love, faithfulness, and righteousness were united at the cross, grace and forgiveness was offered to you (2 John 3; John 1:12).GraceFoodMinistry

What is amazing about grace? As the undeserved, unearned favor of God, grace can never be earned by your good deeds or received as a result of religious performance. Grace means God freely and openly receives sinners—even you with all your flaws and hang-ups. Grace is manifested in human failure, sin, weakness, loss, and heartbreak.

The wonder of God’s grace is that it does not give up. It takes you right where you are and transforms you into who you were meant to become when you were created. God’s grace transforms an ugly, awkward, incomplete caterpillar into a graceful butterfly that can soar into life abundant. That’s what God’s desire is for you, life to the full.

Grace is a gift that is received by faith (Ephesians 2:8-9), totally undeserved by you. It is by grace through faith that God’s life, power, and righteousness are acknowledged. However, that grace must be received (John 1:12). Your faith is born and established in this loving relationship. Grace is about relationships (Revelation 3:20). Grace enlightens my communion with God, with others, and with myself.






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