100th Birthday

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The Grace Church Family recently helped Harold Bragg celebrate his long awaited Big one hundredth birthday on Jan 10, 2016. Harold has been a part of Grace Church for many years. Every Sunday, he puts on his suit and continues as the head usher of our church. Harold has always been active in the Bangor Community. He volunteered for nearly 30 years at EMMC greeting and helping patients while his wife Trudy was running the information desk there. Even after his wife of 56 years passed away, he continued at the hospital logging 10,718 hours of volunteering service there. Harold is even a Vet of WW II and has always been a helping hand to others. We are lucky to have such a man amongst us. Three cheers for Harold.


HaroldsBDayGrace 065HaroldsBDayGrace 023Bangor City Councilor Joe Baldacci presented Harold with a plaque celebrating his contributions to the community while grandson Hank Langill assisted. John Sprague also presented Harold with a Bragg family genealogical report. It is interesting to note that his dad, Robert Allan Bragg is memorialized on  the window at the back of Grace Church. Lynn Ryan served as an entertaining MC and fun was had by all. Later in the day the party continued at Harold’s residence at Winterberry Heights where Fox News showed up and broadcast to the nightly news. Bangor Daily also featured him on their pages. The party will continue!

HaroldsBDayGrace 010HaroldsBDayGrace 007HaroldsBDayGrace 066HaroldsBDayGrace 039HaroldsBDayGrace 040HaroldsBDayGrace 014HaroldsBDayGrace 006HaroldsBDayGrace 057There is a Rumor that someone else is having a Big Birthday sometime in February. Try to guess. Hint, it won’t be the really big one but there will be another party you won’t want to miss! She just turned 98 so read this article how a little exercise can help to live a long life. This article was last year…..Anna McCluskey age 97 has been a regular at the Bangor Wellness Center since November 2007. She retired from Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center (formerly known as BMHI, Bangor Mental Heath Institute) in the mid 80’s at the age of 67. Anna works with fitness specialist Sheila Coleman each week. Anna’s routine includes The recumbent bike, the NuSTEP® crosstrainer, Cybex® weight equipment and balance exercises.

Anna says “I love all my workouts! They are always changing and Sheila keeps it fun. Everyone is always so nice and friendly.” Anna has recently found that a fun warm-up to her workout with Sheila is playing Wii®! Anna has an impeccable bowling record and has even been known to beat Sheila on occasion. She also enjoys Wii® baseball and sees Wii® Boxing becoming a part of her warm-up in her near future. “It’s just amazing what technology can do.” Anna says she likes coming in for her workout but enjoys the social aspect too. It has become part of her routine and she plans to continue for years to come.

#See it pays to do your exercises.   .) I often wonder how people live to be 100 or 98. There is a saying that only the good die young. Maybe that is not exactly true. One thing Harold and Anna have in common is that both of them have spent many of their years volunteering and helping people as well as doing church work in their long lives. You be the judge. I think people can live long lives when they are productive, physically active and caring people. God wants to keep them around as long as he can. They are the people that make a difference in our world. Grace Church strives to feed the sheep in our neighborhood. You can too. Please Donate to our missions to the needy.

Thanks and God Bless You.