Amazing Grace


Theme Slogan Song of our visiting Youth Group performing at Grace UMC June 20th

Please Listen to this song, great new young person’s praise song!


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Schedule of Events

You can discover that Grace U M C is truly Amazing Grace once you read about our Big Missions and Events in  Bangor on the following Pages. Go to the Monthly Schedule/New tab and see what is going on next. A coming event was the Spring Garden Sale and Flea Market plus Antiques last year on Sat. June 4th. There will most likely be another this year so stay tuned. You might like to rent a table for the next one so keep that in mind. Just call the office and let us know you want to come and want to make sure you get a table to rent. It will be a fun time. Bring your family. Raise money to help the church or to sell your own stuff. Last year the kids enjoyed face painting. We had hot dogs and cans of soda for sale and lots of tables set up in the parking lot while tables inside had Plants, candy, jam and brownies .

Here is a Poem by Annie L Dudley 0f Grace in Bangor 2017

Moving on with God

Keep on Believing

Keep on Trying

Keep on Going

There’s no use Crying

Trials will Come

Trials will Go

Life is Hard

But this I Know…

There is one who Walks

Where you have Trod

He’s our Mighty


Ever – Loving God            by Annie L. Dudley

Photographic name designs using hand made coloured lights and uv reactive sculptures in water.

Grace U M C is in Bangor at 193 Union Street, All Welcome! If you would like to contribute to Grace Church’s Mission to Feed the Hungry, please make a Donation Here. You can also send a check for the food ministry to the poor and homeless of Bangor and surrounding area. 193 Union St., Bangor, Maine 04401.                                                                                                                                                                             Thanks and God Bless You. 


This quote by John Wesley below is so profound if you think about it! You pray to God for what you want or need from the  Master of the Universe. Wesley is also saying that God will do nothing that you want if you don’t pray for it!



Above Version sung by Chelsea Robinson

gracetodayHear our new bell chimes Just Below…….

Church at 193 Union St., Bangor 04401

“Serving the people of the Westside”

If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you. Remember that this nation is your people.”  Exodus 33:13New International Version (NIV)

Bangor-Maine-1_photo[1]                                                                             Amazing Grace U.M.C. in the lower left of picture

Ever wonder what a carillon is as you hear the bell chimes at Grace Church?08f40400 What is a Carillon?

Carillons are magnificent musical towers dating back to 15th century Europe.

A carillon is a musical instrument composed of at least 23 carillon bells and may have as many as 77 bells arranged in chromatic sequence, so tuned as to produce concordant harmony when many bells are sounded together. The heaviest bell, which is called the Bourdon, can range from 300 pounds to over 20 tons in weight.

The carillon is played from a large keyboard containing both manual and pedal keys, similar in design to an organ but much larger. A carillon is very sensitive to the touch of the player, and has the largest dynamic range of any acoustical instrument. The keyboard is linked to the clapper of the bell by a manual transmission mechanism that allows the player great expressive range.

The world’s greatest concentration of carillons is still in the Low Countries of Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands, northern France and northwest Germany). The art of the carillon has spread world wide, however, with instruments on every continent except Antarctica. Nearly 200 exist in North America.

A modern carillon is a most fitting and useful memorial.  the beauty of bells striking the hour of day, sounding the call to church, a familiar hymn, or an evening prayer bell.

Regular use of your carillon will increase church attendance, simulate participation in church activities, and encourage a more harmonious blending of church and civic life. Grace UMC in Bangor can appreciate this. We will have our chimes working again soon.

The word “electronic” gives the impression that the tone is generated by an electronic device.  Actually all electronic carillons on the market today use the ancient principle of vibrating struck metal as a tone source.  “Electronic” refers only to the amplification system which builds up the sound to a volume that can be heard from the church tower. We have four speakers up in the tower here at Grace.
Our chimes are the modern electronic version of the Carillon. The Grace U M C  eCarillon system has been back in service for the last month with just a couple of small issues that should be ironed out soon. We have 50 hymns to choose from and another 15 Christmas tunes to use when the time is right. We also have time activated bells that are programmed to ring at the designated hours. Hopefully the neighbors will like this new addition. 
Below are a couple of videos that are Bangor specific. They have became popular on You Tube. You may like to see them.

The next Video is a Flash Mob that became viral on the internet in 2014 and took place at the Hannaford grocery store on Broadway here in Bangor. I thought it was great and I hope you agree. Did you like it? (This Little Light of Mine)

The next Video tells how to get happy in Bangor in 2013. It shows the many talents of residents and visitors of Bangor, home of Grace Church. Are you Happy Now? Click it on. Thanks. A famous Bangorian – Stephen King     Click it  2015 Interview with Bangor Resident Stephen King Recognize King Santa Christmas Day 2015  The famous Bangor resident was in NYC this year!StephenKing2015Christmas


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