Bangor Cuisine

Bangor Cuisine has had its share of fine memorable restaurants over the years. Luckily it still has some great ones left but you think about places like Capt Nick’s and even Red Lobster was here once. I can remember filling my plate up at the Miller’s Red Lion Buffet or ordering a roast beef at Arby’s and you say stop. Where is my favorite restaurant going? Sure people want to retire. They die or some financial issues take over an operation. Even the tax man has been known to shut a few places down. Where does this all leave us as loyal customers? Time marches on and not always in our best interests. We can only remember the good times and what we once had.

Imagine that Bangor had one of only two Howard Johnson restaurants up until recently. There once were thousands of HoJos around the country. The Maine Turnpike had quite a few and it was always the place to stop for one of the many flavored ice creme cones. My favorite was the peppermint one with real pieces of peppermint stick.

Now the last “Nick” on Union Street is getting ready to close down. First it was Capt Nick and now Nicky’s. You might want to hurry in and enjoy the great wall decorations while you enjoy some great food.

It seems like only yesterday, Peter’s Candle Lighter was in business and Greyhound was still operating proudly down on Main Street. Yes, time changes everything. Mighty cuisine families like Brountes, Cohen and Baldacci are no longer in charge but others have taken over. The restaurant business is a tough one that does not always reward us but leaves an image in our memory banks as well as the customer’s. Yes, I too was an operator for ten of my years so be careful if you plan to be an entreprenuer in this day and age. Do your homework and be prepared for a competitive industry. Good Luck for much success.