Video Bangor

This page features more of the best videos produced locally, so now there are three pages of Bangor and area videos for your review. Thanks for visiting this new page and see if you’ve seen them all. We may have missed one or two so let us know. Video Bangor ought to be on your favorite list. Just do a bookmark for easy assess at your convenience. No need to have to go looking online when they are mostly all in one place. The first video here is a well done capture from the air of Bangor Maine. Thanks again for stopping by. – John

Meet Nadia Neophytou. She is a world traveler, journalist, writer and marathon runner. She comes from South Africa and now lives in NYC. This was her first visit to Bangor. She is very likeable and you may want to see her other rundowns in Australia, Europe and the US. She also has done sitdowns with Hollywood Stars so just plug her name in your browser and follow her journeys like I have. – John.