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Now that you are in the mood to be inspired, it is time to Welcome You to The New Grace UMC  “Blog Page”. Thank You for your visit. John Wesley said that “Prayer is where the action is.” It certainly is but what happens when you do not pray. The following blog was written exploring the outcome of not praying. Do you think it is a possibility or not? Read the article and see what you think

John Wesley said that Prayer is where the Action is. It is still true today. One thing is for sure and that is if you do not pray to God, he will not answer you.

If you want God to help you with something, he needs to know about it. You may have heard that he knows what you are thinking and that may he true, but you are one among many. He answers prayer first and it is best to have a thankful heart when you seek his attention.

Tell God that you appreciate everything he has given you before you make your request. You were given the gift of life and you ought to thank God every morning when you wake up. You have been blessed with another day on earth. You may have some special gifts that you possess. You may know what your special talents are. Some people go through life not realizing what God-given talents they have. If you know what talents you have that you do not use, the heavenly Father may not be too pleased with you. You did not know that did you? Maybe you have another reason to start praying. If you have not been to church lately and have not been praying for a long time, it is no joke. You may be doing yourself harm and not realizing it. So you follow the Ten Commandments, but that alone may not be enough. You have been neglecting your spiritual duty and may find yourself in trouble innocently. It is time to get back on the prayer train. If you have never prayed before, you have really messed up. You might want to speak to God and say you have been living in a vacuum and did not know what your responsibilities were. God will forgive your ignorance as long as you get back in the fold and you might want to show up in a church and pray with others on occasion. Get back in the good graces of the Lord. God is good, but he wants you to be obedient and a caring individual. Once you are prayerful and grateful for your existence, God will honor you and help you to have a happy life while you are temporarily on earth and may welcome you to the next phase. None of us know exactly what the big picture will entail. If you do the right thing on earth and do not annoy the Heavenly Father, it could be a wonderful journey in the afterlife. If there is really a Heaven and Hell as we have heard, some of us may go into a nose dive. You could be pleasantly surprised with a grand outcome. It is best to amend our ways and stay in a safe place. Prayer really does get action. No prayer may provide the action we were not expecting and might regret. Blog by John.


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