Dew Haven

Dew Haven Zoo and Rescue is an animal sanctuary located in Mt Abram Maine just west of Waterville near the Belgrade Lakes. Dew Haven Zoo and Rescue is about 2 1/2 hours from Bangor. It is a perfect day trip if you like wild animals. I mean really wild exotic animals like lions and tigers. Bet you thought you’d need to go out of state to see these types of animals. There are big cats like cougers and canadian lynx. There are also Bobcats and local Maine animals like Black Bears. You will be surprised to see Kangaroos and Camels too. No Moose there. If you want to see Moose, you can go to the Maine Wildlife Park for a sure siting or up to Katahdin Woods and Waters where you would need a little luck to see one.


Some people complain about how these animals are treated. Since I have been there several times over the years, I disagree. The animals seem to be well cared for.

Ironically those complaining probably eat meat several times a week not realizing that they are indirectly killing chickens, pigs and cows as well as other innocent livestock. Who is really the guilty person here?

Meanwhile, Dew Haven is caring for animals and would not dream of killing one of those animals unnecessarily.The zoo is feeding and caring for these animals every day. They are not being mistreated. Except for living in a cold climate, they should not be complaining about this rustic Maine zoo. I highly recommend you go there and see for yourself. It is a good weekend trip that would be enjoyed by the whole family. It is located not very far from Bangor and the local area. What are you waiting for?