Gospel Speak

The Disciples also suffered for their Christian beliefs.jesus-christ-shepherd-0601faithsays                                                                      Did you ever wonder if you are doing your part to help spread the Gospel? How can I be a Contagious Christian if I am not a good speaker? How can you or I explain the Gospel in six words. That would be ideal if it is possible. Take the simple approach to a complex goal. Is it really a possibility?

Here is a brief summary of what our task could be. Present your own Spiel in your own Voice! Could we ever be Evangelistic or a Contagious Christian? We need to start spreading the word effectively as Jesus asked us to do. phillipians-4-19-copy You are just as capable as your favorite preacher or speaker. If you join me, We can do it together. Just a bit of practice. Let’s try. See how it can be done. This young guy in the video did it nicely. Our rendition will be quite different but may have a very similar message. I’m going to give myself 60 days. That is August 7th if I can pull it off. Take as long as you need. Keep the message as simple as you can. No Doctoral Thesis required. Go to this video and see it in action. He makes it sound easy.      http://www.lifein6words.com/connect-with-god/#sthash.TyToOt3o.dpbs


We are going to do just fine. Be sure to Pray on it so you can get the needed inspiration to complete the complex yet simple chore. Good Luck.pricelessgift