Grace Chimes

Grace Chimes brought much joy to the members and neighborhood.

Using the latest technology and the highest audio fidelity, Grace’s digitally reproduced sounds of real cast bronze bells added to the pride of church members and the neighborhood.

Also, on the hour, we programmed the computer system to sound off times with chime tolls and then play the hymns we had previously chosen. Even churches with no room to add a bell can easily bring the sound of bells such as Westminster and liturgical bells, as well as Angelus to the surrounding community.

The digital bell carillons at Grace were run by a big machine made by Schulmerich but once it broke down, the computerized system was put into play to replace the old style tape system. The new computerized system sounded fine and took up less space but required an amplifier to be added. Our electronic digital carillons were very reliable so we would suggest you set one up for your church if you haven’t already. Some colleges now use these systems. Below are two more chimes. See if you can identify them. Chimes are a nice departure from the traditionally listened to music. What do you think?