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Aforgiveness-bible-verse (1)gloryNot Finished sunset-john-3-16A Growth Church is a Contagious Congregation that all churches should strive to become while spreading the Gospel. No Growth often means Decline. Churches need to share with their Neighbors in some form of Outreach. Tell the people about how Grace Church is making a difference and invite them to take part in feeding the needy and homeless of Bangor.

We need to rethink how we do things. One thing for sure is we must first pray about it, God answers when he is ready.

PRAYER Utmost.whatisgrace If a church congregation is not praying for growth, it may never happen until it is too late.

In 1 Corinthians 3:6, Paul says: ‘I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.’ In our efforts to see church growth, we need to acknowledge how little we can achieve without God’s blessing, which brings forth the fruit.

Praying for growth also means that expectations rise. When churches become inward-looking they forget the power of the gospel and forget what it feels like to be in growth mode.


If you’ve been attending the same church for years on end, it’s likely that you’ve grown blind to the challenges that greet a newcomer who is entering for the first time. Where do I sit? Does it matter if my child cries? Will anyone talk to me?

We should always believe making new attendees feel at home from the moment they drive into the car park will significantly increase the chances of them returning. Our pot hole parking lot does not offer a good first impression!

‘After newcomers have visited we should follow them up and get in touch: “It was great to have you on Sunday morning, is there anything else we can do for you?” That is the principle driver for growth: how you treat your first-time visitor.’ It’s not uncommon for members who know each other well to think of their church as ‘welcoming’. But, left stranded with a lukewarm cup of coffee during post-service refreshments while the regulars chat to each other, some visitors may not feel like returning another time.

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Now that we are in the midst of much technology, we may want to ask this question. Grace UMC is located in Bangor which has several colleges nearby and we would also like to reach high schoolers and young adults. We need to accommodate the younger generation if we want to grow and plan to be part of the future. It is time to think about adding  WiFi computer service at the church. The internet is already here. Just add a router and create a separate channel with bible app. We would then be more receptive to younger people and new ideas. It can be done with little additional cost and some safety precautions. Let’s get going to get growing.


Get the Men to come back to Church and the rest of the family will come too. The below church in another city did just that and now that ( other) Grace Church is growing. See how other churches learned to grow. Sometimes we need to re-examine ourselves in order to find a new but old direction. Is our church man friendly and do they feel comfortable with the current form of worship. Is is more geared towards women? Think about it. Below is an article able another church who changed how they did things to more accommodate men.

Our local church is doing a lot of things right. Grace Church is a Friendly Church and has a lot of Mission Projects going on with a lot of dedicated members and volunteers doing the work. We can improve in some ways like many other churches. One thing for sure, we do a great job of feeding the hungry and caring for others. You can help.

If you would like to be a prayer partner or donate to our outreach to the community as we strive to care for those less fortunately around our neighborhood. Thanks and God Bless You.

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Why do Men hate going to Church? This is a good Question, Read on and see if you believe there is any merit to this.