Church Guests

What is your church doing with the church guest book? You know, the book at the entrance of the church that gathers information about the Church Guests. It used to be taken very seriously by church administrators and it was always a valuable tool for any church that wanted to grow. Today, many churches have lost sight of its useful position and importance. If your church does not understand its value, please read on.

Are you wondering why I am asking? There is a very good reason! I cannot say enough about this most unused tool the “Guest Book” that church leaders have at their disposal but do not fully utilize. No one seems to get the fact that this vital resource was put in place for a very important reason.

Those past administrators desired to reach out to new people. After reading over their guest books, they would smartly add them to church mailings and then ask them to re-visit the church. Later they would invite them to become members of their church. Those church leaders were successful in communicating with the people who visited their church.

It further reminds me of another clergy, who stated that she had not seen me in church for a while and did not know how to contact me! I remembered to myself that I had previously signed the guestbook and left all my information. I decided that it was not a good time to say anything. If your church is not growing, it is time to utilize every resource available.

A church that steps out of their comfort zone, is doing what is expected of them. Just do not forget about the church guestbook.