Maine 200

Happy Birthday Maine. It’s your Bicentennial. Time to not let the Virus control your life. Yes, you too, Janet. Take precautions but try to have fun too. There are many events planned though some are canceled. The Tall Ships were planning to come up the Penobscot River in  Sad that 2020 has brought such bad luck so now it has been put off for another year. Three of the local supporting sponsors were going to be Bangor Savings Bank, Cross Ins and Hollywood Casino. Thanks for adding to our enjoyment possibilities. Many sponsors continually help to make the fireworks display on the 4th extra special too but better luck next year. Each host port will feature on land activities and dockside access for the public. That is if the Tall Ships come back to town. Portland has been postponed to 2021 so Bangor as well. More Info, just plug the below address in your browser next year.