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 Imagine You are at an old Billy Graham Crusade as you listen to “Just as I am” 

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Do you ever wonder why you were born? What did God plan for your life? God always does things for a reason. You were not put here for no purpose. Anyone who ever commits suicide is angering God. He planned their life beforehand. He also made you marvelously unique for a reason. Tap into that reason and into the secrets of your own deeply personal makeup: the remarkable ensemble of passions, talents, experiences, temperament, and other components that work together to make you who you are, and you’ll discover the path to a life of unimaginable purpose, impact, and fulfillment. Start getting with God’s plan and not your own worldly ambitions. Pray and get right with Him. Be who you are expected to be.

The River of Grac1  June 13 2017  Don’t forget to Mark Down June 20th at 7pm Don’t forget to show up to hear 20 or so young people that traveled all the way to Bangor from Penn  to perform for you (just a free will offering.)  Let’s show them that we care! 

The River of Grace  June 9, 2017 – The upcoming “Big” Event at Grace UMC is The Youth Concert on June 20th here in Bangor Maine. More info Coming!

Tuesday, June 20 @ 7PM
@ Grace United Methodist Church
“Go Where You Send Me”
will be performed by Grove UMC Youth Choir
from West Chester, PA
This production is a God centered musical!
The young people are traveling all over the United States
performing so please come to see them! You will enjoy an
evening of uplifting, inspirational music!

Don’t forget to go to Union Street Hannaford’s to shop and
buy their recyclable bags that say “This bag helped
someone in need.” This store is donating .25 (to US) for
every bag sold in June! Tell your friends, neighbors and


The New eCarrilon System is up and running! The whole City of Bangor can now hear our Bells and Chimes!(Within hearing distance of course)



Grace United Methodist Church Rent a table for $20. Call office: 942-8320

Gently used Vera Bradley Handbags will be featured!

The Yard Sale is a fundraiser for Grace United Methodist Church & the Saving Grace Food Ministry.

We are in need of HELPERS and of DONATIONS.

Please help this church survive by doing your spring cleaning and donating gently used household goods: dishes, flatware, home decor, baskets, antiques, chairs, dressers, etc. We do NOT need clothing of any kind. The fund raiser will only work if donations are brought in this week. We need them by Friday in order to mark them. All can be placed in the parlor. PLEASE HELP! Thursday Bible Studies: At 10 am we are doing a book exploring how to tap into God’s strength. See Pastor Gretchen if you would like to get the book At 1:30pm we will be studying the Sunday scriptures. Only a Bible is needed for this study. All are welcome and encouraged to come!

Special messages from Lynn,     Hello dear family of Grace,

You will find a copy of The River of Grace attached to this email. (Link above) Hope you will find it helpful.
Please keep all the victim’s of the Manchester, England bombing in your prayers today.  So many young people injured or killed by a single determined killer.  Pray for all the families effected in such a negative way.  Pray for the soul of the killer and for all like minded people.  God can change even the hardest of hearts.
Peace, peace, peace, peace,




   On  Feb. 5th 2017

We celebrated the Super Bowl Sunday! Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots

The Patriots tied up the game 28-28 at the end and the teams went into overtime. Somehow, Tom Brady and the Patriots managed to win the game 32-28. One for the history books.

Before you settle in to watch the game, Come to Grace U.M.C. and celebrate at Church.

                                                         It was the annual SOUPER BOWL SUNDAY WORSHIP Service!

                                                           Also a record number of soup cans this year. What a year!

Our Goal Posts are as high on the alter as we can build it with canned soups and other items. It is a lot of fun to help the poor and the needy while getting ready for the great sports event. Please make this important Souper Bowl a part of your festivities and you’ll be glad you did.

                                                            FEBRUARY 5th 10 am 193 Union Street Bangor Maine

Wear your favorite team jersey and be part of GOD’S TEAM! 
We did collect nonperishable food items for the Saving Grace Food Ministry.  Let’s see if we can fill our shelves to bless all those who struggle to put food on the table.  Any nonperishable food is welcome, but there is a special need for canned protein, such as tuna, chicken, or ham; Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Also helpful are snack crackers and granola bars and juice boxes.  Invite your friends to come to church and bring a donation!  Financial donations will also be accepted.

The River of Grace January2017

Happy New Year!!


Please remember that Prayer is Everything and this is encouraged for all of you who Love God and Have needs for Yourself and Your Family and those all around you. If you don’t Pray you are cheating yourself and others that you care about. 

Please note that You can always know what the Grace Church schedule is each month if you missed the church newsletter or emails.

The Twelve days of Christmas – Did you know the meaning of this Song?

Something you may not knowThe Twelve days of Christmas

The River of Grace is another weekly schedule – Check it out!

Monthly Schedule There was another Birthday celebration in February on the 27th. Does anyone know who turned 98 years young? She is a remarkable lady with her own volunteer story. Know Anna? Thought so.  #99 is fast approaching, lets help her celebrate this year too.


 The major Birthday event in January was #Harold Bragg turning 100 years young on Jan 10, 2016  Harold made it to 100 1/2 but now he is in heaven. If he did not make it, well there would not be much hope for the rest of us. Harold was an inspiration to everyone. He dedicated his life to helping and caring for others. He died recently and the funeral was on Tuesday 10/04/2016 at Grace Church. We will all miss this fine man who has been a joy to so many for so long. 

The last year’s Grace UMC CHRISTMAS FAIR was on Saturday Nov. 14th 2015 and the 2016 event was also a great success. This year we had a special group of youth from Grant UMC come to help us make the event even greater than we dreamed it could  be. Thanks to all!

In the Spring of 2016, we had a huge Flea Market and Plant Sale that was a great success and helped the church raise much needed funds for our many missions to the neighborhood and the homeless. Thanks to everyone that helped out! These fund raising events help the church to meet our expenses and fund the Food Serving ministries of Grace UMC . Thanks to all of you online and onsite. No one needs to go Hungry in 2016. Grace Church tries to do the best we can to meet the needs of those homeless and hungry and in need of a caring helpful environment in our neighborhood and city. Thank you to all of you who care and pray for the local mission efforts.


Also the latest Community Meal was held recently. It was a special treat for everyone who came. Bet you won’t miss the next one! Now several months in a row thanks to the generosity of Moe’s Barbecue. They have sponsored the meal for the hungry and homeless. Thank You to Moe’s for their generosity.

Grant UMC from Presque Isle has sponsored recent meals and the people of S. Brewer UMC have helped on several occasions. It is great having other churches helping with the food mission.


Monthly Calendar  Schedule for Grace is on this page.  You can always visit this page to find the latest calendar schedule for Grace United Methodist Church in Bangor Maine. We are easy to find at the corner of Clinton and Union Streets in Bangor. Sunday Service is 10:00 AM Year Round. All Welcome and be sure to stay for coffee and snack time after.  Come visit us weekly, monthly and any time you can. God Bless You.


RED SOX NATION will never be the same! PAT COLE got to her beloved Red Sox game at Fenway Ball Park in Boston! She was a guest of the Red Sox on Saturday, August 1st. last year. .What Fun she had! She and Lynn got to park in the player’s parking lot and got to see a few of the guys up close. They spotted Big Papi and a few others.

More about Harold Bragg –  Read this article about Harold and Trudy Bragg
Intensive caring Volunteers dedicate years to helping at Eastern Maine Medical Center
Bangor Daily News – Article from Apr 17. 2004
Walking through EMMC with Trudy and Harold, it’s easy to see why the couple has volunteered at the hospital for two decades. Almost everyone smiles and says hello, and some even come over to fetch a hug. “He’s known as the hospital hugger,” said Trudy. The Braggs started volunteering at the hospital in 1984. By 2004, Harold was 88 and Trudy was 86. Harold also was a driver for Meals for Me and also for RSVP in Bangor. Trudy passed away in 2007 while Harold will be 100 on Jan 10, 2016. Harold is also an Army Vet of World War II having enlisted on May 4, 1943. He was once a barber at Warren and 6th St in Bangor. He and his wife both graduated from Bangor High. (He in 1933 and Trudy in 1935).

Still More on Harold Bragg – At EMMC, the Volunteer coordinator said Harold was a volunteer from 20 Nov 1984 until 12 Sep 2014 for a total of 10,718 Hours there. Imagine anyone doing this into their 98th year. #WOW WOW Birthday Guy! 

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send workers into His harvest field.” Matthew 9:37-38


manning1c                 Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a prayer. God Bless You.