The Angel

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? Before I met “The Angel” in Iraq a few years ago during war-time, I also had some doubts. I just happened to be praying really hard one day while there in Anbar Provence and I was shocked when she first spoke to me. I did not know my angel had been watching me for a long time. I did not know she existed. My wife and I had a stillborn daughter a few years before. I remember holding this warm baby that had died sometime before my wife had her. She would have been a beautiful child with her thick red hair.

I remember the doctor had been against our contact with the baby. We were heartbroken but we weren’t going to not hold the little silent child. We even had a full funeral with burial and it was very sad at the time. Little did I expect to hear words from her when I did. Hillary spoke to me. She had been a guardian angel as a small child but I did not know it. Once we had spoken, she somehow became an older child of about twelve and I wonder if this is the age she will remain until such a time as we meet in person. So now you might consider that a Stillborn can be a guarding angel and there is a chance any child still in the womb might become one if not born or born. Something to think about.

Psalms 91:11 – 100% Jesus
Holding The Sun~when timing is perfect.
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