Who are Methodists

“All The Good I Can” was one of John Wesley many Words

and Declarations that are found on these pages.

One of the four areas of mission focus for the Methodist Church is Ministry with the Poor. In the gospel of Matthew, Chapter 16, we hear the biblical mandate to care for those in need: “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me.”

United Methodists seek to improve the quality of life and opportunities for all God’s people. As John Wesley did, we also seek to change conditions that are unjust, alienating and disempowering.

The church engaged in ministries to eradicate poverty by partnering with, and empowering, those in need. The Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church leads the way as the whole church works to be relationship-driven rather than resource driven. Grace U M C cared for those who were hungry and in need. Thank You and God Bless You to all of you who helped in these efforts over  many years.


A Methodist History Lesson by Rev Steve Petty

The Wesley brothers are still making their rounds.

Number of Worldwide Members:

The latest reports from the United Methodist Church claim a total of more than 11 million members worldwide. When you include all the other Methodist church  denominations in 120 countries, the total is then close to 80 million. Even in the US, we shouldn’t forget the three large African Methodist Denominations such as the AME.

Methodist Church Founding:

The Methodist branch of Protestantism traces its roots back to 1739 where it developed in England as a result of the teachings of John Wesley. While studying at Oxford, Wesley, his brother Charles, and several other students formed a group devoted to study, prayer and helping the needy.

They were labeled “Methodist” because of the way they used “rule” and “method” to go about their religious affairs.

Prominent Methodist Church Founders:

John Wesley, Charles Wesley, George Whitefield. Most of you are familiar with the Wesleys. As for George Whitefield,

George Whitefield (December 27 1714 – September 30, 1770), was an English Anglican cleric who helped spread the Great Awakening Britain and, especially, in the American Colonies. He met the Wesley brothers at Oxford U. He was one of the founders of Methodism and of the evangelical movement. In 1740, Whitefield traveled to America, where he preached a series of revivals that came to be known as the “Great Awakening.” He became perhaps the best-known preacher in Britain and North America during the 18th century. Because he traveled throughout the American colonies and drew great crowds and news coverage, he was one of the most widely-recognized public figures in colonial America.

Notable Methodists:

James Knox Polk – 11th U.S. President – Ulysses S Grant – 18th U.S. President – Rutherford B. Hayes – 19th U.S. President – William McKinley – 25th U.S. President – George W. Bush – 43rd U.S. President (convert from Episcopal Church) – Boris Trajkovski – president of Macedonia – Chiang Ching-Kuo – President of Taiwan (1978-88) – Chiang Kai-Shek – head of Chinese Nationalist forces and President of the Republic of Church (Taiwan) – Abel Muzorewa – former president of Zimbabwe (former Methodist bishop) – Taufa’ahau Tupou IV – king of Tonga – Oliver Tambo – African National Congress (ANC) President in South Africa (1969-91) – Lester Bowles Pearson – Prime Minister of Canada (1963-68) – Alben W. Barkley – U.S. Vice-President under Truman – Hubert H. Humphrey – U.S. Vice-President under L.B. Johnson – Walter F. Mondale – U.S. Vice-President under Carter – Dick Cheney – U.S. Vice-President under George W. Bush – Hillary Clinton – senator from New York; former First Lady with Pres. Bill Clinton – Geronimo – Apache Indian leader; his final 1886 surrender was last significant Indian guerrilla action in U.S. (1903: convert to Methodism) – Warren Christopher – U.S. Secretary of State (1993-97) – Willard Wirtz – U.S. Secretary of Labor (1962-69) – Arthur Henderson – British Member of Parliament, Foreign Secretary, diplomat; 1934 Nobel Peace Prize (convert from Congregationalism) – Eugenie Anderson – 2nd female U.S. Ambassador (to Denmark, then Bulgaria) – Michael D. McCurry – Mike McCurry was the White House press secretary (1994-1998) – Alf Landon – Governor of Kansas 1933-1937; Republican candidate for U.S. Pres. in 1936 (lost to FDR in biggest landslide since 1820) – Tom Bradley – mayor of Los Angeles – Harold Washington – first black mayor of Chicago – Lurleen Wallace – first woman governor of Alabama – Jesse H. Jones – U.S. Secretary of Commerce (1940-1945) – Joycelyn Elders controvoersial U.S. Surgeon General (September 1993 to December 1994) who focused on public health and sexual topics – Mack McLarty – White House Chief of Staff under Pres. Clinton – Lee H. Hamilton – 9-11 Commission vice chairman – J. Caleb Boggs – Governor and Senator from Delaware – Terry Sanford – Governor and Senator from North Carolina – David L. Boren – Governor and Senator from Oklahoma – Dale Bumpers – Governor and Senator from Arkansas – Vernon Jordan – important advisor to Pres. Bill Clinton

Senators/Congressional Representatives: – George McGovern – U.S. Senator and presidential candidate – William Brockman Bankhead – U.S. Representative from Alabama (Democrat); Speaker of the U.S. House 1936-40 – Dennis Hastert – Republican U.S. Representative from Illinois (14th District); Speaker of the House since 1999 – John Edwards – U.S. senator from North Carolina; 2004 Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate – – John Tower – U.S. Senator from Texas, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, 23 years in Senate – Margaret Chase Smith – U.S. Senator, served as a Senator longer than any other woman. There have been some very prominent Actors and Producers such as Brandon Routh, George Lucas, Christopher Walken, Donna Reed, Tim Curry, Will Rogers, James Arness, Robert Mitchum, David Frost, Patricia Neal, William Christopher and many more.

Did you know that Rev William Booth was a British Methodist Ordained Minister who founded the Salvation Army?

Did you know that Goodwill was also founded by an Ordained Methodist Minister known as Rev Edgar J Helms who first started Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries in Boston in 1895. He had the assistance of his congregation, Morgan Methodist Chapel. Now there are hundreds of “Morgies” as they are sometimes called today.

In W V, Methodists celebrate a First Father’s Day.

Means of Salvation:
Methodists believe that we are saved by God’s Grace and faith alone.  T

  The church also believes that salvation is available to anyone that desires it.  Still, the church also makes a point of stating that salvation should never be a reason to put down those who believe differently and we should fight against hostility or the harm of others.

The Methodist church uses several styles of worship.  Worship mainly occurs in a traditional style or through liturgy, but at times there is a contemporary worship style used.